Since it was established over 20 years ago, Gleeson Civil Engineering has continued to grow and is today one of Newcastle’s leading Civil Engineering contractors.
Our company has a history of tackling the most difficult and complex projects and in delivering quality, innovative and cost-effective civil solutions across a wide variety of markets

Airport Infrastructure

Airport (High Strength) Pavements require substantially higher standards and quality requirements. There are different material properties, specifically the high compaction and quality requirements of flexible pavements.

GCE has extensive experience in constructing rural, regional and defence airport pavements along with associated infrastructure. We are familiar with airport operational restrictions and defence security requirements


GCE have extensive experience in constructing carparks and roads and have undertaken many private and public projects throughout Newcastle, Hunter Valley and surrounding areas. GCE’s reputation has been built on the reliable execution of high quality, safely delivered projects with minimal disruption to key stakeholders.

GCE can provide complete construction of your road way or car park to meet any Consultant, RMS or Council engineering specification.

Dam Construction

GCE have a long history of Dam Construction in the Hunter Valley. GCE have undertaken earthworks, moisture conditioned clay cores, stabilisation of soils for use in dams, batter protection, spillways and liners. Most of the dams constructed have been large scale for mining or water authority use. However, we have also constructed smaller scale dams.

Our capability and capacity to successfully deliver dam projects is evident with the completion of our past projects to date.

Energy Infrastructure

Gleeson Civil Engineering provides civil construction services to all aspects of the power industry, from distribution and generation through to substations. We have a track record of safe delivery in both Greenfield construction and within operational facilities.

Environmental Works

With the ever increasing proportion of development affected by contamination issues, GCE can provide the most effective means of dealing with decontamination and site remediation works. GCE have experience in classification and disposal to appropriate sites including landfills, treatment to allow reuse or reclassification, treatment and stabilisation of problematic soils such as acid sulphate soils.

GCE has substantial experience working within and adjacent to waterways, National Parks and in environmentally sensitive areas.

GCE has experience in rehabilitation, geo liner installations, clay capping, topsoil, hydromulch, revetment mattress installations or various batter protection systems.


GCE undertakes large scale landscape and civil construction projects for builders, government bodies, developers, architects and contractors. With a proven capacity to deliver landscaping projects that exceed client expectations.

GCE’s hard and soft landscaping capabilities encompass technically challenging streetscape type projects, playing fields, environmental and regeneration works.

Maritime Infrastructure

GCE have extensive experience in undertaking and successfully delivering Maritime Infrastructure projects including heavy duty Forklift pavements, breakwaters, marine structures, revetments, seawalls and reclamation

There are many factors that influence Maritime works such as extreme environmental conditions, wave action, surges both tidal and storm, ocean currents, turbidity, sedimentation. These factors provide their own set of unique challenges which require unique solutions.

We understand the importance of working in close proximity to waterways and develop work methodology to ensure all environmental concerns are taken into account

Mining Infrastucture

GCE has been delivering mine infrastructure to resource clients since its establishment. We have an extensive list of clients throughout NSW and interstate for whom we have completed projects.

We are fully compliant to the rigorous mining specifications and requirements. We work in close partnership with our clients to determine the most effective, efficient and safe approach and follow through with exceptional attention to detail at every stage of the project

Rail Infrastructure

GCE have extensive experience in undertaking and successfully delivering rail infrastructure projects including earthworks formations, drainage, ballast, signalling and communication infrastructure.

GCE’s rail capability has been built on the reliable execution of high quality, safely delivered civil rail projects for Mining Companies and Rail corporations across NSW.


GCE has extensive knowledge and experience in delivery of road work projects within the Hunter Valley. Our capability covers new roadwork construction and the maintenance, upgrade, remediation or repair of existing pavements. GCE has undertaken works for mining companies, local government, RMS and private developers.

GCE are currently RMS prequalified for roadworks and use some of the latest laser level and GPS technology to ensure roads are built to the best possible standards.

GCE can provide complete construction of your roadway or car park to meet any Consultant, RMS or Council engineering specification.


GCE have undertaken numerous subdivisions within Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast. GCE are currently RMS prequalified enabling us to construct intersections with major roads.

GCE understands the importance of the timely delivery of projects to both developers and engineers.